Mayan rush

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If you are looking for a new slot machine to try, Mayan Rush is the one for you. This 5×5 grid video slot is a sequel to the popular Yggdrasil game, and features a unique 5-reel grid layout. It also includes a Super Stake mechanic and Rush Mode. On consecutive wins, you can remove ancient blocks to reveal additional games, which in turn increases the default number of paylines. If you land three or more identical symbols, you’ll enter a Rush Mode, and winning combinations are assigned to a multiplier totem or a life totem.

This game is based on the ancient Mayans and Aztecs, and is simple to play. First, you’ll place your bet, and then spin the reels. The symbols are in a pyramid, and when you win, you’ll remove any blockers from the reels. Then, you’ll have a chance to unlock the remaining reels, which will make it easier to match up symbols and create more wins. Then, you can activate the Respin feature, which will award you with three extra spins.

The gameplay of Mayan Rush is easy to understand. To start the game, simply place your bets and rotate the reels. You’ll see a pyramidal layout of symbols and will be rewarded with rewards if you form a winning combination. The symbols in Mayan Rush are ancient idols, rock carvings, adventurers, and more. The payouts are determined by the coefficients established by the developers, and you’ll win when three or more identical symbols appear on the reels.